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  • What is the Fretted Instruments School?
    Fretted Instruments School, established by Jack R. Baker, offers in-depth in-person and online guitar and banjo lessons. With a rich history dating back to 1970, the school provides expert instruction in Bluegrass Banjo, Clawhammer Banjo, and Acoustic Folk Guitar in NYC and beyond.
  • What is your teaching experience?
    With a career spanning over five decades, I've been teaching in NYC and online, contributing to the folk and banjo communities through articles, banjo tabs, and music tracks. I hold a BA and MA in Music Composition and am a seasoned Music Theory instructor at NYU.
  • What styles do you specialize in?
    I specialize in Fingerstyle Folk and Blues Guitar, Bluegrass Banjo, and Clawhammer Banjo. My lessons draw from a wide range of acoustic folk music styles.
  • What makes your lessons unique?
    Each lesson is a blend of tradition and personalization, drawing from my extensive history in folk music and tailored to fit each student's individual needs and interests, whether they're attending in-person in NYC or online.
  • How has the Fretted Instruments School evolved?
    The school has transitioned from a vibrant part of the Greenwich Village music scene to a focused educational institution, now embracing a wide array of guitar and banjo music and offering both in-person and online lessons to accommodate more students.
  • How can I sign up for guitar and banjo lessons?
    Visit the Contact Page on my website for information on signing up for in-person or online lessons.
  • How do online guitar and banjo lessons work?
    Online lessons are conducted live via Zoom, providing real-time, interactive learning experiences. They're a convenient option for students outside NYC or those preferring the comfort of learning from home.
  • Are online lessons as effective as in-person?
    Absolutely. With high-quality video, sound, and a personalized approach, my online lessons are as effective and engaging as in-person sessions.
  • What do I need for online lessons?
    You’ll need a reliable internet connection, a device with a built in webcam and microphone.
  • What are the advantages of online lessons?
    Online lessons offer convenience, flexibility, and the opportunity to learn from anywhere, making it ideal for those with busy schedules or living outside NYC.

Guitar and Banjo Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

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