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Homestead On The Farm

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Sonny Osborne is, and always will be, one of my all time favorite banjo players. He's got it all - tone, power, unbelievable inventive arrangements as well as the best banjo back up since Earl Scruggs. Here is Sonny's straight forward but beautiful arrangement of Homestead On The Farm. Lots of seamless backward rolls in this tune and it ends with a typically brilliant Sonny O. ii chord (A) ending. This is recorded on: CD 9016 CMH "The Osborne Brothers and Mac Wiseman". I found this CD while browsing in a truck stop in Ohio - what luck! This CD also features some great duet singing by Bobby Osborne and Mac Wiseman. Capo your banjo on the 4th fret to match the recording in the key of B. This is a fun, and not very difficult piece to play... Get out your picks and have some fun.

Banjo NewsLetter, July 2007

Jack Baker


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