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Turn Your Money Green

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

The arrangement presented here is taken from Furry Lewis' 1928 recording on Yazoo label (L1008) and is easily the most exciting of all the recordings he's done of this song.

A brief and very informative biography of Furry Lewis can be found in the liner notes written by Sam Charters on Folkways album (FA3823). Some of Furry's varying guitar styles from his 1959 recordings can also be heard on this album.

The song shouldn't be too difficult to play, and is intended for the intermediate student.

To give this music the fullness and vitality it should have, it is important to keep the bass solid and strong. Rory block has adapted a few of her own variations to this song.

The ~ indicates a slurred blue note.

Sing Out- The Folk Song Magazine, May 1969

Jack Baker


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