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Two Memorable Breaks

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

This first Tablature by Earl Scruggs, Before I Met You, was released on the Harmony label HL 7250 in 1955. It was later re-released on the Bear Family 5-CD Flatt & Scruggs set ''1959-1963.'' Earl plays tag with Paul Warren and splits the breaks. He plays it with incredible power and drive. What I particularly like is the way Earl emphasizes the melody as much as possible without losing any of his drive.

The second Tablature is Allen's Shelton's Standing On The Mountain. It was released on the Epic label (LN 24031) in 1963. Allen delivers this tasty little break with his typical and wonderful bounce which has become his trademark... There have been many discussions about playing with bounce as Allen Shelton did. I think it's just how you are hard wired, timing-wise or musically. Have fun with these two little gems ...

Banjo NewsLetter, July 2012

Jack R. Baker


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